Four Black Mompreneurs You Should Know

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5 min readMay 9, 2024

May 10th is National Small Business Day, and here at Women Employed, we are proud of the work we have done to assist women entrepreneurs in rethinking how they look at running a business. Through our Women’s Entrepreneurship Hub (WE Hub), we are providing Black and Latina/x women small business owners with options, resources, and tools to take their businesses from ideas and side hustles to pathways to economic freedom. Since launching the WE Hub September of 2022, we have helped over 400 women successfully launch and/or build on existing businesses. And with Black women being the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs, we have no plans of stopping anytime soon.

This Small Business Day, we want to highlight four Black Mompreneurs (who also happen to be WE Hub users) from the organization, Hustle Mommies. Created by founder, Ariel DeNey Rainey, Hustle Mommies provides inner city moms with resources to advocate for their families and communities. For more than a year, Women Employed (WE) has partnered with Hustle Mommies by attending and judging pitch competitions, assisting women with registering for WE Hub, and providing mentorship to budding entrepreneurs, showing them that with the right support, community, and resources, their vision of success is attainable.

So, whether they are elevating the voices of Black mothers who reside in underserved communities, helping women regain their confidence and rediscover their beauty, supporting and empowering single mothers, or assisting individuals in investing and home ownership, here are four Black Mompreneurs you should know.

Ariel DeNey Rainey — Hustle Mommies

Equipped with over 10 years of experience, Ariel DeNey Rainey is an expert in the fields of philanthropy, integrated marketing, and communications. Through merging her passion for education, entertainment, and philanthropy, she has created game changing experiences that impact underserved communities and cultivated movements and platforms to elevate those voices.

She is the Founder and CEO of Hustle Mommies and the Urban Mom Collective National Black Mom Coalition, where elevating the voices of Black moms is done through programming, advocacy, and training. She is the proud mom of teenagers known as THE MOGUL KIDS and spends time reading books, traveling the world, and volunteering in the community. To learn more about Ariel and Hustle Mommies, visit

Quinisha Perry — Posh Obsession Hair

Born and raised in Chicago’s Englewood community, Quinisha Perry has always been passionate about changing people’s lives. Growing up, she witnessed women lose their confidence and joy due to hair loss―something that Quinisha has even experienced herself following a cancer diagnosis in 2022. Wanting to do something to help women rediscover their confidence and beauty, she founded Posh Obsession Hair. The luxury hair line doesn’t just sell hair extensions and wigs but helps women and young girls embrace their femininity.

What sets the Posh Obsession apart from other hair lines is how they pay it forward. Since launching, Quinisha has donated wigs to cancer patients, participated in back-to-school events for the kids, given away over a 100 book bags filled with school supplies, raised money for a mother who lost everything in a house fire, and sent one lucky young lady off to prom through a prom giveaway.

Posh Obsession Hair offers a low to no out of pocket cost, allowing clients the option of purchasing wigs through their health care provider. Knowing the pain of losing one’s hair, Quinisha empathizes with those under her care by assisting them in reclaiming a sense of normalcy and rediscovering their beauty. Because at Posh Obsession Hair, they are fighting this battle together. To learn more, visit

Sade Dixon — Satin Sheen Cleaning Services

Sade Dixon is the proud founder of Satin Sheen Cleaning Services. After losing her mother to cancer, Sade realized that cleaning and organizing was a therapeutic way to cope with anxiety and loss. So, she channeled her grief into helping other moms facing similar challenges.

Satin Sheen Cleaning Services specializes in supporting single mothers and families with their cleaning needs. Sade strives to give mothers more time to spend with their loved ones, while providing them with a clean and organized environment. She also hires women, especially mothers, who are looking for flexible and rewarding work opportunities.

Sade Dixon is committed to empowering women and giving them a steady income, while accommodating their child care and other needs. She’s more than just a cleaner, she is a mother who cares. And knowing there is a need for women who look like her to take care of each other and build community, Sade takes initiative and becomes the change she wants to see one day at a time. To learn more about Satin Sheen Cleaning Services, visit

Shavahnna Hunt — Loan Bae

Shavahnna Hunt is an expert in the field of lending and has assisted individuals and families find the perfect loan to fit their needs. With nine years of experience, she has worked with a variety of clients. From the first-time home buyer to the seasoned investor, Shavahnna has consistently provided individuals with expert advice and exceptional customer service.

One of Shavahnna’s greatest strengths is her ability to listen to her clients’ needs and find the best loan options to fit them. She understands that no two clients are the same, and takes the time to get to know each of them on a personal level. Her dedication to her clients, combined with her extensive knowledge of the lending industry, has earned her a reputation as one of the top loan officers in the business.

In her free time, Shavahnna enjoys volunteering with local organizations and spending time with her family. She takes great pride in her work and is committed to helping her clients achieve their financial goals. To learn more about Shavahna, visit

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