Get to Know Boozy Bites Founder Dee Dee Bryant

What do Women’s History Month and women-owned premium edible company, Boozy Bites, have in common? CELEBRATION!

We spoke with Boozy Bites Founder, Dee Dee Bryant, about her experiences in a male-dominated industry, the women in her life who inspire her, and why she chose to support our work to champion women’s economic status with a special edition, Lady Strong section of assortments.

P.S. Through the end of March, 10% of proceeds from Boozy Bites’ Lady Strong products will support our work to further gender equity.

What advice do you have for women who are thinking of starting their own business?

“Do it. Just do it. I sat on the idea of Boozy Bites for five years before we actually launched because I was afraid that it wasn’t perfect. I think as women, we’re often socialized to feel the need to be perfect, whether it be our appearance or our behavior. In an entrepreneurial space that becomes a big hurdle because the reality is that nothing is going to be perfect. Even after waiting five years, I still made a ton of mistakes. But mistakes are great! They help us get to the next step faster. So I say just go for it!”

Who are the women in your life that inspire you?

“Sarah Blakely, the founder of Spanx, has probably been my biggest external inspiration. What I love about her and her whole journey is that she really looked at the industry and said, “I’m happy I’m a woman because I’m going to do things differently.” She brings a different perspective than a lot of the business resources I’ve had access to.

Closely, my mother is probably my biggest inspiration. She’s one of hardest working, most talented people I know. She was a stay-at-home mom but never ever was sitting still. She’s been my biggest cheerleader, help, and support. We actually pressed our STRONG Like My Cocktails shirts together, which was both a really great opportunity for her and I to have, as well as great for the business. So much of this business and where I’m at today is because of her and her ingenuity and guidance.”

How does Boozy Bites promote gender equity?

Alcohol is a male dominated industry. It is predominantly made by men, marketed by men, and marketed to men. As a female-founded company I knew I wanted Boozy Bites to stand out. We’re very much about having a diverse set of humans both on our board, in our leadership team, and as employees. Our brand is made by women for women, so we wanted to put the female consumer at the forefront.

What drew you to support Women Employed’s mission?

Ever since I started Boozy Bites, I’ve been passionate about having a charitable component. Now that Boozy Bites is in a place where we can do that, I wanted to make sure we partnered with an organization focused on empowering women. We looked at a bunch of different charities and organizations and Women Employed just stood out for its strong mission. I knew your work was something we really needed to get behind and help uplift as well.

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