What the American Rescue Plan Delivers for Women — And What We Still Need for a Lasting Economic Recovery

The American Rescue Plan (ARP) provides critical relief to working people and families suffering multiple and intersecting impacts from the pandemic, cutting all the more deeply for women of color due to inequities on the basis of race and gender. The women of color who have disproportionately lost jobs or have been made more vulnerable to COVID on the front lines will certainly benefit from direct financial relief as well as needed investments in cities and states and infrastructure on the brink of collapse, like child care.

What the American Rescue Plan Delivers:

WE’S Recommendation: Emergency funding to stabilize the child care system and save child care for millions of families.

What Working People Still Need:

The employer tax credits for businesses providing paid leave included in the American Rescue Plan— while welcomed, particularly as they help small businesses — do not meet the magnitude of the enduring need for paid leave in the United States.

WE relentlessly pursue equity for women in the workforce by effecting policy change, expanding access to education, & advocating for fair, inclusive workplaces.

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